The Paleo Recipe Book Review — Paleo Meatballs

Hey guys, it’s Mike again, and welcome to the Paleo Recipe Book Review, a certified weight loss coach’s honest and unbiased take on Sebastien Noel’s paleo cookbook: The Paleo Recipe Book.  If you’re interested in the paleo diet, primal diet, a low-carb lifestyle, or even just to move away from processed and unhealthy ingredients that… Read More »

Sebastien Noel on Cooking Steak

Although I especially love my paleo meatballs and all their varieties like paleo turkey meatballs, paleo Italian Meatballs, paleo Italian meatballs, and chicken ‘poultry’balls, who doesn’t absolute LOVE a good steak?  And although how to make homemade meatballs is my specialty, I thought I’d share some advice from my all-time favorite paleo- inspired cook, Sebastien… Read More »

What’s so good about paleo foods?

For a lot of people, adopting a paleo meal plan based around paleo foods can be intimidating.  “Are grains really so bad?” they ask.  Many claim to eat them all the time with little or no ill effects; however, grains, legumes, and host of other fillers and chemicals are insidiously making us fat and sick. … Read More »

Paleo meatballs? What is this “paleo plan”?

Paleo Meatballs I bet you’re wondering why this site is actually called “Paleo Meatballs” (check out my About Me page for the short story.)   I also looove good, homemade meatballs; however, since I eat on a paleo plan, I only eat meals that consist of paleo diet foods (a paleo diet foods list isn’t really necessary,… Read More »

Healthy Meal Ideas and The Paleo Diet

The Paleo Diet is starting to catch on as paleo foods are considered to make up the backbone of healthy meal ideas.  A paleo meal plan generally consists of meats (preferably grass-fed), vegetables, nuts, seeds, and fruits.  There are a lot of different schools of thoughts when it comes to paleo foods, primal foods, or… Read More »